This week's schedule (CST) for The Bridge Bar Tuesday writers showcase @ the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Nashville, TN

Tuesday, June 19th

7:00 Wildee, Jess Taylor & Dani Jack
7:45 Ally Lubera w/guests
8:30 Jessica Nixon, Glenn Helton & Danny Bean
9:15 Mignon Elise w/guests
10:00 Ava Suppelsa, Ian McConnell & Sam Varga

The Tuesday shows are generally scheduled 8+ weeks in advance. If you wish to perform, please send an email with a link to your website or online press kit where we can listen to you and your songs. You may instead bring a CD/press kit to The Bridge Bar @ Renaissance Hotel Nashville during normal business hours. If you need to bring it at a time other than a Tuesday evening, please put "Attn: Jack Scott" on your package and leave it with a hotel lounge employee.

Parking <> Please do not use valet service with the expectation of having your parking validated - The Bridge staff will be unable to do this for you and the valet service provider will charge their full rate. Here is a link for the library parking garage where you can park for $8 after 5 PM - Libray Parking Garage. You can enter The Bridge from the 4th floor of the garage.

If you have further questions, email Jack at: or call (615) 414-7752